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Vintage sieraden: Uniek, Leuk en Duurzaam!


Are you looking for beautiful, unique, timeless vintage Costume Jewelry, a stylish and chique bridal ornament, a designer jewel, a beautiful Art Deco necklace or a Modernist jewel from Scandinavia? At Vintage Jewels, you're at the right address.

Collecting Vintage, Costume and Modernist Jewelry is fun! Wearing them is even greater fun! Did you know that Collecting Costume Jewelry has become one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world? And prices are still going up. I do understand this perfectly. So many pretty jewels were designed during the 20th century. I love the Art Deco pieces, the glitter and glamour of the Hollywood Costume Jewelry and the unique art forms of the Modernist Movement. All with a dedicated sense for detail. The quality of pieces from designers that mostly have passed away. Look what a heritage. A lot of the jewelry that was made, has been destroyed by corrosion, moisture, perfume and other chemical destruction, breaking etc. But still a lot of beautiful jewelry can be found.

I started collecting when I purchased my first Sarah Coventry necklace “Whispering Leaves”.  After researching the internet, I was really surprised and impressed by the history of this kind of jewelry. This is the reason I started collecting.  A lot of my jewelry came from the United States. The cradle of the Costume Jewelry. Later I was also intrigued by the Modernist Jewelry Movement all over the world. And I started collecting Modernist Jewelry with the same enthusiasm. Now I have arrived at a point that I want to share my enthusiasm with others. I sell a part of my private collection and I hope to please the new owners.

The jewelry can be viewed in different ways. They are divided into categories such as necklacesbraceletsrings and sets. You can also use the search engine to find jewelry of your favourite designer or from your favourite periods such as Art Deco, Modernist etc...

For those interested in learning more about 20th century jewelry, you can find a lot on the internet and in specialised books. You can find a short summary of the history of Costume and Modernist jewelry at my homepage. I added a list of designers with background information and to prevent any damage and loss of jewelry I also added some maintenance tips (how to clean the jewelry, how to prevent corrosion etc.)

I am more than pleased to answer all your questions and I can send more pictures on request. All jewelry is in excellent condition unless otherwise specified.


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